It’s not all bad news in Portland

Last week I tried to find some good news about Portland, Oregon, to put in a client’s newsletter.

But I had a hard time unearthing anything positive.

That’s not to say Portland is a negative, miserable place where nothing good happens.

Not a bit of it.

Never been, but I hear it’s very nice.

It’s just that the news media obsesses on the negative.

If it bleeds, it leads.

Indeed, I think I’d have trouble finding a newspaper that had a positive spin on events in Happyville, the capital of Happyland.

But here’s some good news:

…in every over-hyped newzmonger-generated crisis, you can find an opportunity!

Because this is your chance to tell some good news and provide plenty of positive juice for your clients’ day ahead.

Here’s the thing: a good newsletter should be entertaining and informative.

It should make its readers’ lives better.

And when it does that, they will look forward to reading it.

After all, anything is better than the 24-hour diet of gloom, doom and more gloom that is served up to us.

So start sending a newsletter today and make your clients’ lives happier.

And when they associate you with good news, they will feel warmer towards you.

The newsletters we make are full of interesting, entertaining articles that your clients will love.