It’s never too late to unboil that egg

I heard yesterday that it’s now possible to unboil an egg.

If only I had known that in time for Sunday’s breakfast. I’d gotten over-eggcited (heh) and cooked too many.

Apparently, the discovery has a serious side – helping cancer treatment and food production.

Which is great.

Anyway… why am I telling you all this?

It’s to make a point: just because something seems irreversibly fixed… it doesn’t mean you can’t go back and do things differently.

You can unboil that egg.

I spend a lot of time looking at real estate agent websites (kind of a hobby of mine… keeps me off the streets.)

And what I discover is most of them do the same old thing: smiling agent, bunch of listings.

Many of these websites look the same – because they do what every other agent is doing.

It’s safe.

You can’t go wrong boiling an egg.

But… that’s a shame. Because there are lot of things agents could do to make their websites and other marketing more effective.

You just have to look outside the box – and see what is working out there.

For example…

Appealing to an underserved (but valuable) demographic.

Offering an incentive (within the law, of course)

Positioning yourself as an expert with vibrant, sometimes contrarian, opinions.

Capturing email addresses for respectful, educational and entertaining follow-up.

Clearly positioning yourself as being able to solve the core problem that most clients face.

… I could go on

But my point is this: If you’re the same as everyone else, there’s no reason to hire you.

Instead, shake it up a bit.

Unboil that egg and make an omelet.

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