Imagine if they actually looked forward to hearing from you

If you’re a parent (or an uncle or aunt, for that matter), you’ve no doubt had to convince a child to eat his or her dinner.

But whatever you do, no Brussels sprouts or “weird tasting stuff” is going into their mouths.

Now, of course, if you had chocolate to feed them… it would be a completely different matter.

But as a responsible adult, that’s not going to work.

The funny thing is, some real estate agents look at their potential clients as children who won’t eat their dinner.

It’s almost as if they are prepared for a battle – they’re ready to do anything they can to force the homeowner to take notice of them. “I’ve got Brussels sprouts and you are going to eat them, even if it takes me forever to convince you.”

That’s why there seems to be a permanently antagonistic relationship between some businesses and their potential clients.

“Look at how great I am. List your home with me. I’m really, really good.”

But the homeowner is already full.

And they don’t want sprouts.

So imagine instead what would happen if they actually looked forward to hearing from you.

Imagine if you could feed them chocolate instead of sprouts.

That’s where newsletters can help.

Instead of forcing an offer on people, you are instead contacting them with something that is useful and interesting.

It’s a much gentler, less confrontational way of marketing yourself

The idea behind a good newsletter is that it will be so interesting and so relevant that people will actually look forward to reading it. (Indeed, we here at RTG have heard of people complaining when their agent stopped sending them newsletters!)

When you send a must-read newsletter, you create a much warmer, more welcoming and respectful relationship.

Isn’t that a much easier way to market yourself?