How to convert more leads into clients

Time today to open the kimono and talk about these emails.

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll notice that I send them out almost daily.

That’s a lot more frequently than the monthly newsletters we offer here at Ready to Go Newsletters.

Here’s why:

I have been sending these emails for about a year now and they have contributed to a 20% increase in sales.

Now, some people don’t like them. They think they come too often.

But a lot more people – at least those I speak to – appreciate them.

(I know this because when people call to ask questions, they often mention them and tell me how much they like reading them.)

Bottom line – they work to build a deeper relationship with people who are only just getting to know me.

Now… here at Ready to Go Newsletters, we haven’t offered these types of emails as a product. Just the monthly newsletters.

Until now.

Just recently we finished a project that included three sets of emails for one of our clients in the insurance business.

We provided him with a total of 60 pre-written messages, rather similar to these. They are set to run automatically when a lead comes in – you might know them as “drip campaigns”.

He’ll use them to build a relationship with leads in the crucial days after they request information from him.

On top of that, we provided him with three lead capture pages that make the most of every visitor to his website.

Now… I am offering email messages and lead capture pages like these to you too.

Here’s the deal.

We will provide you with three lead capture pages and three sets of 20 email follow-up messages.

They will be based on our own newsletter articles, but edited to fit this plain text email format.

Everything will be set up for you in the new email sending software we are trialling.

You get all of these for not that much more than our regular newsletter service.

The price for this is $497 to set it up, and then an annual fee of $928.

Not only will you get the landing pages and the email messages, but you will also get our regular newsletter service too – that’s worth $697 per year alone.

Your regular newsletters will be ready within 2 days. We will however need about 2 weeks to get your landing pages and drip emails set up.

This is the current price. I might raise it in future if providing this product costs more than I expect. People who join now won’t face price rises – they will be grandfathered in.

So that’s the deal.

Sound interesting?

Just reply to this email or call me at 877-976-6368 to talk about it.

It’s a way to generate more prospects and to convert more of those prospects into clients.

And who doesn’t want that to happen?