How to channel your inner Lady Gaga

The other day I saw Lady Gaga on a chat show.

The singer had hair that was four feet high, like a shocked porcupine.

Then half way through the segment, the host called up one of Gaga’s fans using Skype – his face was transmitted directly into the studio.

This guy was probably the biggest fan you ever saw. Huge.

Like the craziest Gaga fan….e-verrr.

Here’s what is interesting about this pop diva. Her fans love her. But she loves her fans even more.

There’s some sort of mutual admiration thing going on here… and it’s genuine.

And of course, because she loves her fans, they love her back even harder. And so it grows – a virtuous cycle.

Gaga’s ‘little monsters” are perhaps the most ardent fans in pop history. And Lady Gagaknows how to build on that fan-dom to create something even bigger.

Now…you probably have fans for what you do.

I bet that from time to time people tell you how happy they are…what a great job you did.

So make sure you build on that love too – Gaga-style.

Put testimonials in your newsletter and other marketing materials.

Build a relationship with your “fans”.