Happy Clients Make Me Smile

It's not often I post testimonials from clients here. But this one made me smile. Are you making the most of testimonials you get from your happy clients?

Thank You Ready To Go Newsletters!

You have given me the most successful marketing tool I’ve used in my 11 years as a mortgage agent.
I was skeptical at first. How could such a small monthly subscription amount to much of a benefit.  Boy was I wrong!
I sent my first newsletter in November 2009 and got amazing results. I got invited into 3 real estate offices to do a presentation. I  had been calling on them for a long time. I got 3 referrals from one office. I had never gotten anything from them before. I also got 3 referrals from past clients. I wasn’t calling them- they called me.
I send my newsletters every month and every time I send them I get referrals. I took a look at my numbers and I’m getting an average of 4 client referrals and 2 agent referrals each month since I started.
The thing I don’t understand is that these were the same contacts I had already been annoying on a regular basis with my "home-made emails". All of a sudden, these folks were actually reading this stuff!! And contacting me!!

I am extremely grateful for this top quality service, and as long as you want me as a customer, I’m on board!!

Victor Matos
Verico Newbridge Mortgage