Footprints, sand and sharks

One of my favorite things to do is walk along the beach.

But not just any part of the beach.

I like the fuzzy, blurry region where the ocean meets the land.

Have you ever watched what happens to your footprints in this in-between world?

They start well defined – all five toes.

But after one wave they become fuzzy – just an indentation in the sand.

And after the second wave they are gone completely. Like you were never there at all.

Here’s my point:

You are the footprints, your clients are the sand – and the ocean is time and your competitors.

You might make a mark on your clients when they first buy from you or hear from you. But it doesn’t take long until that mark is erased.

Like you were never there at all.

After all, time is always moving, clients are always busy and competitors are always present, like sharks off a Florida beach.

That’s why you’ve got to keep making footprints.

Keep walking that sand.

And don’t let the ocean win.

That’s how newsletters work. You imprint yourself on your clients’ minds. And each time they’re about to forget you, you imprint again.

And again.

So that when they need you, your footprints are there.

It’s as simple as that. And it’s a key to growing your business.