First this, then that

As many of you know, I’m an on-air volunteer for our local community radio station.

And this summer I’m hosting the breakfast show a couple of days a week.

One thing my co-host, Heather, and I have been trying to do is get more interaction with our listeners. And it seems to be working.

Today we had ten people getting shout-outs on air after they posted on our Facebook page.

Here’s one thing I learned:

You have to make it super, extra clear what you want people to do in order to get their shout-out.

You can’t just expect them to take part. You have to give them easy directions.

And that applies to business too.

You can’t expect people just to call you.

Instead, you have to tell them clearly what to do next.

That’s why we put “calls to action” in the newsletters we make for clients. By doing so, it becomes a no-brainer for readers to follow your instructions.

Otherwise, without directions, they do nothing.

And that’s not good.