Doing “a California” with your database

So, there’s this crazy idea in the works to split California into six states.

They say it will make it more governable – a government for each of the regions of California, each with its different needs.

Never going to happen of course, but there’s an interesting point to be gleaned from it for our purposes.

Sometimes it makes sense to split your database up.

After all, different people have different needs.

First-time buyers are different from seniors.

Families are different from downtown condo dwellers.

Neighborhood is different from neighborhood.

So what you could do is make a slightly different version of the newsletter for each of these demographics.

The result would be that the newsletter would be much more relevant to each of them…

…and that much more effective.

With our email newsletter system, it’s easy to do. You can create multiple lists and make multiple segments within each list depending on huge array of criteria.

Sounds daunting?

Maybe… it’s a little more work.

But it pays off.

And we can help. It’s all part of the service.

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