Butt-dialing your way to newsletter success

Mayna, our wonderful customer service manager, mistakenly butt-dialed me at 8.30 this morning. 

But it wasn’t any usual accidental call. 

It was on Skype. 

On her iPhone. 

With the video turned on. 

So there I was, treated to the sight of Mayna making coffee in her kitchen. 

I can tell you, she looks more put-together than I do first thing in the morning. 

And her kitchen is very nice too. 

Anyway…what is the point of telling you this? 

Partly, it’s to give you a laugh on a Friday. 

And also to let you in on a little “inside story” of life here at Ready to Go Newsletters. You see, when you make you and your company a little more human, people warm to you. In our case, we’re not just a website and a toll-free phone line, we’re real people who sometimes make accidental video Skype calls. 

So much marketing out there is corporate and impersonal – like it’s made by committee in a big office tower. 

But in reality, business is done on a person-to-person level. 

And know what? People often make decisions based on how much they like the person rather than anything else. 

So that’s why I urge you to make your newsletter a little personal and maybe a little quirky. 

Tell people about the things going on in your life. 

Let the real you shine through. 

Folks will like you all the more for it. 

You can get started at this link: https://www.readytogonewsletters.com/onemonthfree/ 

And when you do, you’ll meet Mayna, who is here to give you the kind of customer service that gets her rave reviews (and one love letter). 

She’ll try not to butt-dial you. 

But she can’t promise.