Butt-dialing your way to newsletter success

Mayna, our wonderful customer service manager, mistakenly butt-dialed me at 8.30 this morning. 

But it wasn’t any usual accidental call. 

It was on Skype. 

On her iPhone. 

With the video turned on. 

So there I was, treated to the sight of Mayna making coffee in her kitchen. 

I can tell you, she looks more put-together than I do first thing in the morning. 

And her kitchen is very nice too. 

Anyway…what is the point of telling you this? 

Partly, it’s to give you a laugh on a Friday. 

And also to let you in on a little “inside story” of life here at Ready to Go Newsletters. You see, when you make you and your company a little more human, people warm to you. In our case, we’re not just a website and a toll-free phone line, we’re real people who sometimes make accidental video Skype calls. 

So much marketing out there is corporate and impersonal – like it’s made by committee in a big office tower. 

But in reality, business is done on a person-to-person level. 

And know what? People often make decisions based on how much they like the person rather than anything else. 

So that’s why I urge you to make your newsletter a little personal and maybe a little quirky. 

Tell people about the things going on in your life. 

Let the real you shine through. 

Folks will like you all the more for it.