Bird feeders, headboards and newsletters

A bird feeder made from a patio umbrella.

An old door transformed into a headboard.

And a picnic table molded into a sculpture of a giant yellow mosquito.

These were just some of the entries in my local municipality’s “repurposing” content, designed to show how everyday junk can become something useful and beautiful instead of ending up at the dump.

It got me thinking…

You can do the same thing with your newsletter content. After all, why put your articles in the landfill when they can be used in new ways? Like this…

1. As blog posts on your website (to make your website more useful and to show your expertise).

2. As social media posts (you can get several posts from just one article).

3. As columns submitted to your local community newspaper (to get you publicity and enhance your image in your local area).

4. As a series of auto-responder messages (collect all the articles on one topic and send over time them to people who request information on that topic).

5. As part of a package of supplementary information to send to interested prospects.

Those are just some ideas.

We allow you to use our newsletter content any way you wish (as long as you don’t resell it), so you get a lot of bang for your buck.