As targeted as a mean thunderstorm

We had some huge thunderstorms forecast for this area a couple of days ago.

Inches – no, feet – of rain predicted if you were one of the unlucky ones in their path.

Do you ever go online and look at the rain radar when thunderstorms are forecast? You can sometimes see down to almost street level where the heaviest rain is expected to fall – or where it is raining right now.

Looking at those maps reminded me of what you can do with postal mailings.

It’s possible to target your mailings down to individual mail carrier routes.

Here, our editorial production manager has access to online postal service maps that allow her to pick streets and see the number of houses on carrier routes.

If you don’t want to target by geography you can do so by demographics. It’s possible to purchase mailing lists based on a whole bunch of criteria, from household income to property value.

All this serves to make your marketing more efficient because the closer you can target your ideal clients, the more effective your marketing will be.

For example, imagine a newsletter that had content just for the neighborhood you were mailing to?


We offer printing and mailing services as an optional extra with our newsletter program. That’s how we add a lot of value to your marketing when you work with us.