As intriguing as a curveball bulldozer

The other day, not far from where I live, a great big bulldozer fell off the back of a truck and landed on its butt in the middle of the road.

There it sat, looking like a dog begging for scraps.

The picture made page 3 of the newspaper.

Odd – incongruous – things like this get people talking.

Did you see that?!

You can do the same kind of thing with your newsletter.

Most marketing materials are same-old, same-old.

You could write them in your sleep.

It’s no wonder many of them don’t work.

Instead, if you throw a curveball in there, people take notice.

I’m not saying you should add silly content.

Just something that shakes people awake.

We do that with the ready-made newsletters we make. Some of our articles are intriguing – you’ll learn things you never knew.

And that’s part of their secret of success.