As enticing as the Black Sea Devil anglerfish

The Black Sea Devil anglerfish is the ugliest fish you’ve never seen.

It lives in the deep, deep sea and is – basically – a ball of (bad) teeth.

It lives so deep that it’s hardly ever been seen, until this week when it was caught on video.

Ugly, ugly.

Nemo it ain’t.

Here’s the funny thing: it has a pole that comes out from the top of its head. At the end of this pole is a light.

It uses the light to lure fish in the darkness.

Oh, look… what a pretty light!


That whole light concept is important and useful.

Having some kind of beacon helps to lure anything – and that includes leads and clients.

Without a beacon, you’re just another ugly fish (sorry) in the ocean.

Your beacon can be your Unique Selling Proposition – the reason why your ideal clients should choose you over anyone else.

Or it can be the special information you offer to people who give you their email address on your website.

Or it can be the marketing you do that is so different – and so useful – that it makes you stand out.

So think: how can I create a light to lure people in?

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