Are we nearly there yet?

I had the pleasure of taking my five-year-old nephew for a three-hour drive the other month.

And as you know, with kids, the distance is never short enough.

So every few miles, he would ask: How many hours until we are there?

And I would answer – 3 hours

Then right away: How many minutes?

And I would answer – 180 minutes

Then: How many seconds?

And I would answer: I don’t know, maybe 50,000 seconds. (Doing this kind of math on the highway at 70mph isn’t easy.)

Then he would say: Woah…that’s sooooo many seconds!

And so it would continue. Every 10 miles or so.

At least it was a creative variant of the trusted and true: Are we nearly there yet?

The funny thing is, people ask the same question with their newsletters.

They send out one – and want a bunch of inquiries.

Are we nearly there yet?

They send out a second one – and expect a bunch more inquiries.

Are we nearly there yet?

The thing is, it doesn’t work like that.

The reason is, people are only ready when they’re ready.

Just because you send out a newsletter, it doesn’t mean that they will list their home.

They’ll list when they’re good and ready!

And that’s why newsletters are so important. When they’re ready to list, they’ll be on the phone… to You. Because they got YOUR newsletter.

So… to have success with newsletters (and to avoid giving up too soon), have a long-term perspective.

We’ll be there when we’re there. And if you ask once more, I’m going to turn this car right around!

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