Ants, Oreos and newsletter referrals

Have you ever watched ants?

They march across your countertop (if you are unlucky) carrying an Oreo crumb.

And when they meet another ant, they have a quick little chat – no doubt passing on vital intelligence as to the whereabouts of the Oreos stash.

These ants work in the same way that your clients do.

I heard from one of my customers the other day who says that since he started his newsletter, 60% of his new business comes from a referral.

He sends a print newsletter to his 1500-strong database. His newsletter has played a huge part in building his business.

The power of newsletter to generate referrals is often overlooked.

Print newsletters in particular are so personal, so tactile – and so easily passed around – that they make giving referrals so much easier.

“Hey, here’s my real estate agent’s newsletter – take it with you.”

It’s just like the ant who chats with the other ant: “Hey, here’s where the Oreos are.”

It’s very powerful.

Here’s how to get your very own newsletter. It’s great as it is, but you can edit it as much as you wish to make it really yours.

Use it to encourage more referrals.