Angry birds and copycats

My house is under attack from a pair of angry robins!

It’s breeding season – and the birds are getting territorial.

And every now and again, they think they see another robin in my windows.

So they attack!

Of course, it’s just a reflection… this is a battle these robins will never win.

Many real estate agents behave a little like these deluded birds.

They see a reflection of a competitor and they attack – or they copy.

Neither works.

Instead of attacking, just be better.

Be better at what you do.

Be better at marketing what you do.

Then you outrun them.

And don’t try to copy them either.

If you duplicate them, you’ll just be a lookalike.

(And anyway, how can you really duplicate them when you don’t know what’s going on under the hood?)

Instead, be yourself.

Be unique.

Show your clients why you’re different and why you are their best (and only) choice.

Ignore the reflection in the window.

Otherwise, you’ll only end up knocking yourself out.

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