ABC – Always Be Collecting (and Double Your Leads)

Always Be Closing – that’s the sales mantra made famous by the movie Glengarry Glen Ross.

But I have another ABC. Always Be Collecting.

Always be collecting contact info from your visitors so you can keep in touch.

Because if you’re not always collecting, you’re seeing potential clients walk out the door.

I’ve ramped up my own ABC this past month. I’ve put a sign-up box on pretty much every page of my website. It’s doubled the number of leads I get.

There are two things to do:

1) Think of a good reason why a prospect might be willing to give you their contact info. It had better be a good reason – maybe a useful free report, a catalog by mail or a free sample. People are reluctant to give up their contact info without getting something valuable in return.

2) Give prospects as many opportunities to give you their information as possible.

  • Put web forms all over your website
  • Promote your freebies in your ads
  • Put flyers promoting your freebies in your store
  • Train your staff to Always Be Collecting

Just make sure you give something valuable – and then keep in touch with your prospects until they’re ready to buy.