5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Newsletter

I’m on a drive, called: A Newsletter for Every Business.

After all, I believe they’re so powerful that every business should have one. That’s one reason why I give one away free at Ready to Go Newsletters.

So here are the 5 Reasons why every business needs a newsletter:

  1. Customers forget. People are busy. While they might have thought you were great once, they’ve probably forgotten exactly what you have to offer. If you keep in touch, you’ll remind them.
  2. There’s so much competition. With a competitor around every corner, why should they come to you? If you keep in contact with valuable information and advice, you’ll stand taller than your competitors.
  3. There’s so little trust. In a crowded marketplace, who are you going to choose? The one who says “buy me, buy me” or the one who proves he can help you by providing expert advice on your problem?
  4. They’re sick of ads. Just as clients flick TV channels at the break, so they tune out your ads. But a useful publication, full of interesting articles, slips under the radar — it becomes content, not background noise.
  5. They’re hungry for a relationship. Big business seems to take your money and run. There’s no love, no caring. When you come along, with your regular contact, helpful advice and “there for the long-run” attitude, you’re building trust. And with trust, comes sales.

This post was inspired by Problogger’s Top 5 project.