Real Estate Newsletters: 5 Essential Tips to Make Clients Adore You

Sending a real estate newsletter to your farm isn’t about getting a client or a listing right there and then. Unless you hit their mailbox at precisely the right time – just when they are looking for an agent or wanting to list their house – you’re in the business of building a relationship rather than making a sale.

The best way to build that relationship is to provide a newsletter that meets the needs and interests of your farm.

Do it right, and you’ll grow a farm of adoring fans.

1. Make the newsletter about them, not you. You’re probably sick of me going on about this…but it’s the #1 rule. People are not interested in you, they are interested in themselves. If your services are mentioned at all, do it on the basis of how you can help them, how you can meet their needs.

2. Write articles that are useful, interesting and entertaining. Create articles that make the reader think: I never knew what! Or: What good advice!

3. Keep up a regular schedule. Relationships aren’t built sporadically; they take regular contact over time. That’s how trust is created. So send your newsletter  at least monthly.

4. Be truthful. Good friends don’t lie. So nor should you in your newsletter. A lie can wreck a relationship.

5. Be upbeat. Nobody likes a downer. Who wants to form a relationship with someone who’s always bringing bad news? Think of good, upbeat, positive things to put in your newsletter. Then you’ll be a welcome friend.

Follow these rules and, over time, you’ll build a strong farm of people who will adore you and your newsletter.