My best year ever

Sometimes people ask us for examples of successful customers. Here is an email that came in this week:

Hi Kyla

I wanted to share my thoughts with you on my business.

I am having my best year ever this year – I have been marketing my neighborhood of 250 homes for gosh, I don’t know – 5 or 6 years using your newsletter primarily, along with some postcards here and there.

My main source of business has always been my referral base , and it still is.

However, this year I really feel that things have come together for me. I have probably had 10 calls from the newsletter this year, and 3 transactions equalling about $24k in gross commissions.

I support our neighborhood school and pool – my best form of advertising is of course my signs going up – thats “free”!
Its really cool to have people say ” Oh, you are Annette Coker – I know you! ”

Or, ” Your sudoko puzzle was really hard this time “.
Im actually getting famous in my hood! I have sold more homes than any other agent in here for the last couple years.

It takes money and time to do a newsletter and a lot of agents give up – I don’t send it out every month-on average every other month – but I think my experience is typical – it doesn’t happen overnight – it takes years – but its worth it when it all comes together.

Annette Coker