Is Your Newsletter Hanging Out With the Right People?

If you’ve got children, you’re no doubt anxious to make sure they aren’t hanging out with a bad crowd.

And if you are buying a house, you want to be certain it’s not in a bad neighborhood.

The same goes for your newsletter: is it hanging out with the right people?

When every newsletter costs a few cents to print, it’s worth making sure you are spending your money wisely. And that means if you are using your newsletter as a prospecting tool, it’s wise to do your best to ensure your newsletter is in the hands of the people most likely to buy from you.

So don’t randomly leave piles of your newsletter just anywhere – leave it in places where your potential clients are likely to hang out.

And don’t mail your newsletter to just anyone – mail it to people who are proven to be good prospects.

A newsletter is a powerful tool for building a trusted relationship. But that someone has to be the right someone.