The newsletter spectrum

There’s so such thing as a typical newsletter, of course.

It’s a spectrum, from down-and-dirty, straight from the kitchen table written by your spouse…to glossy, designed by Madison Avenue and crafted by a team of high-paid wordsmiths

Both ends of the spectrum have their place, because you want a newsletter that matches the clients you are trying to reach. A neighborhood plumber with a glossy newsletter would lose his authenticity; a high-end fashion retailer with a handwritten photocopy would damage its brand.

But for most people – and especially small businesses – something in between suits best.

And it’s why a good newsletter company will give you the full spectrum of newsletters.

***Blatant self-promotion coming***

That’s why I’m changing my custom newsletter service to offer a much wider variety of products. I’m offering everything from the standard Ready to Go Newsletter to a fully-customized, gorgeous product you’ll want to frame.

You can have the works if that’s the best thing for you. But I’ll also stop you wasting money unnecessarily by offering you a newsletter with an off-the-shelf template-based design or with lots of standard, boiler-plate content.

After all, it’s about return on investment. It’s about something that works for you.