30 Days in November, 30 Interesting Messages

Want to take part in an interesting experiment?

Want to see me potentially humiliate myself in front of thousands?

I’ve been challenged by copywriter John Fancher to hone my email writing skills.

He has pledged to create one auto-responder message each day.

What is an autoresponder? It’s computer software that automatically sends emails to your prospects and clients. You pre-load the content, which could be months’ worth of newsletters and email messages, and the system does the rest. If you want to try one, go to my website and complete the box there.)

Why is this challenge worthwhile? Auto-responder email sequences are a great way to build relationships  with prospects and customers without you having to do a lot of manual work – and the best way to get good at writing them is to practice.

So…to get my own practice (to get ready for a new product I’m launching early next year) I too am pledging to write one interesting email message a day for 30 days in November.

What will I write about? Well, it will be roughly related to the content of this blog. But we’ll see…

Will I succeed?

Will I have anything interesting to write about?

Will I be able to add value to the lives of people who read them?

It’s up to you to decide.

Just complete the form below and you’ll get signed up to receive them. You can of course unsubscribe the moment you get bored or the moment I annoy you too much (although I hope that doesn’t happen.)

So what’s that new project you’re talking about?

Well, it’s related to my 30 days of emails. I’m not ready to give you details yet, but I can tell you that anyone who signs up will be eligible for a discount or some other kind of bonus.