Your Email List Is of Absolutely No Value to Me

One of the questions I get from potential new members of my real estate newsletter program  – the email version – is whether their list of clients will be safe if they upload them to my website.

They’re afraid I – or someone else – will steal all the email addresses and sell them to some Viagra salesman.

Here’s what I want to say, but don’t dare: Sorry, but your precious email addresses are worth zilch to me. I wouldn’t accept them if you offered them to be on a silver platter with a cherry on top.


Because if I go sending an email to your list, I am spamming them. And spamming – apart from being ugly – is not the way to build a business.

Not only do you have to send gazillions of spam emails to make it work, but a real business is built on creating a relationship with people who want to hear from you.

The people on this client’s email list haven’t the faintest clue who I am. And they don’t care.

Now, if this client had a list of people that I was interested in contacting – because they had expressed an interest in hearing about the kind of stuff I talk about – then I would be happy for her to send an introduction to her list which mentions that I’m here and I offer great info.

That’s something entirely different.

But I don’t want someone else’s email list. It’s worth nothing.