7 Ways to Use Your Real Estate Newsletter to Grow Your Farm

Attention Realtors: Are you making the most of your

There are lots of ways to use your real estate newsletter — here are just a

Keeping in touch with past clients

If you’d like to be a client’s
“Realtor for life” (something that should be one of your main business goals),
then your newsletter, combined with other tools, is the best way to maintain that
essential long-term relationship.

Turn prospects into clients

Your newsletter is an excellent
way of keeping in touch with prospects with the hope of converting them into
clients at a later date. So every time you meet with a potential client, give
them a copy of your latest newsletter together with some back editions, and ask
them to sign up to receive it every month. You’ll also be demonstrating how
much extra value you provide.

To generate leads from like-minded companies

A great way to build your farm is
to team up with a like-minded company —organizations that sell to the
householders you are trying to reach, such
as mortgage advisors, carpet
cleaners, or landscape services. Ask
these companies to include your newsletter with their marketing materials or to
send out a letter that encourages their clients to sign up to receive your
newsletter. You can offer to do the same thing for them — truly a “win-win”

To collect leads at open houses

Give away copies of your
newsletter at open houses, and ask visitors when they register if they would
like to receive the newsletter on a regular basis. Once again, you’ll be
differentiating yourself from other Realtors and proving how much value you

Give it away in public places

Place a stack of newsletters
in strategic places where you are likely to reach potential clients. Venues
include community centers, local retailers, and bars and cafes. Make sure there
is a box in your newsletter that encourages readers to contact you to receive
the newsletter on a regular basis.

As a valuable business card

Wouldn’t a newsletter be a
more attractive than a regular business card? You’d be differentiating yourself
from other agents by proving how much value you provide to clients. So carry a
stack of newsletters with you.

Use as an insert

Instead of advertising in a
publication, try using your newsletter as an insert. Again, make sure it is
easy for people to get the newsletter on a regular basis.

Key point: Be
open about sharing your newsletter with the kind of householders you want to