When Customers are ‘Just Looking’

“I’m just looking.”

You’re probably heard that phrase many times. Indeed, it no doubt rolls off your own tongue when a salesperson approaches and you’re not ready for a conversation.

While “I’m just looking” sometimes means “go away and leave me alone”, it more often means “I’m not ready to buy yet…but I will be later.”

Knowing that fact is critical to your success.

Because sometime in the future they will be ready to buy.

The question then becomes: will you be ready to sell?

Unless you’ve kept in touch with them in the meantime, there’s a good chance your customer will go somewhere else.

This is where newsletters (and other keep-in-touch marketing methods) are so valuable.

Because when you keep in contact with someone – not buy saying “ready to buy yet?” but by informing, educating and entertaining – they’ll know where to come when the time is right.