Do Email Newsletter Open Rates Matter?

Ever invited 100 people to a party and then only 20 show up?

Kind of disappointing, isn’t it?

You feel like you’re No Friends Simon.

But actually… look at the 20 who did show up.

Aren’t they your best friends? The people you’re closest too? The ones who really matter?

Email newsletters are a lot like that.

You send out hundreds of them…but most people don’t open them.

Unfortunately, this is normal. A combination of full inboxes, tire-kicker indifference and not-quite-ready-yet inaction depresses open rates.

This, in turn, depresses marketers who follow their open-rate stats.

But are open rates the most important statistic?

Frankly, I don’t think they are. Much more important are the actions that people take after they’ve opened the email – clicking on links, reading articles, getting in touch and buying stuff.

For me, a much better statistic is sales conversion percentage. Or link click percentage. Or something entirely different that actually drives the success of your business.

After all, only the hottest prospects will act. The cooler ones might act later…or they might not.

But what matters is how effective your email newsletters are at bringing about the outcomes that really make a difference to your business.