Are You Nice Enough?

Niceness is much underrated, especially in business. After all, it's difficult to put a dollar value on a smile.

But you know what? Niceness pays.

I'm choosing between two satellite TV providers right now. One is my current supplier – and I really like their customer service. The people on the phone are friendly.

They're nice.

But the other is considerably cheaper.

You know what? I'm leaning towards the nice company.

Because they're nice.

Then there's my bank. After a recent visit I was called by the bank's telephone survey company for feedback on my experience in the branch. They asked me if would I recommend the bank to my friends, and if so, why? I said yes -  because all the people in the branch are friendly.

They're nice.

Then there's the hardware store. I needed to buy wood stain, but I would only consider buying it from one of these stores. Why? Because the people in the other two stores are surly.

But in this store they're nice.

So, I ask: are you being nice?

Are you nice to your customers?

And are you being nice in your newsletter?

Are you putting your customers first? Are you providing value that enriches their lives? Is your newsletter about them, not you? Does your newsletter show your nice, friendly personality?

Niceness pays.