Your Clients Want Smiles not Frowns – an Antidote to CNN’s Doom and Gloom

A request from a new member of my real estate newsletters service came in yesterday.

(As he’s new, he doesn’t know I do this already…but it’s always good to be reminded.)

He said he is looking for newsletter articles as an antidote to his clients. For example, the
headlines in the newspapers show doom and gloom, where in fact 95% of
people with mortgages are doing just fine.

He said he would like to see positive
spins on pricing declines, foreclosure issues, staging, etc. He wants
to bring optimism to his clients, showing them another perspective —
how real estate can benefit them and that it is a wealth builder.

He’s absolutely right – because:

1) The media right now is enjoying scaring us as it wallows in the negativity of a down economy. There isn’t much of an antidote to that available right now.

2) Vendors (real estate agents, mortgage brokers, or whomever) are still operating – still having success stories, still helping people. Why not share that?

3) For some people – smart businesses, for example – there are things to take advantage of in this economy.

4) With all the negativity around, if your newsletter is a source of some positive (truthful) inspiration, you will strengthen the relationship with your clients.

After all, no one wants to hang out with a misery.