How to Avoid Boring People with Your Newsletter

I went to my dentist this week. Great guy. Excellent dentist. Super team.

He makes me want to floss.

He also has a newsletter – at least he used to. I didn’t see it this time.

I didn’t get to ask if it was working for him, but I suspect it wasn’t too well.


Two reasons:

It was a cut-and paste job. Standard content with just his picture stuck on the front page. No personality. No offers. No engagement devices. No quizzes. No puzzles.

Second, it was all about teeth. Whitening. Flossing. Gum disease. Implants.

Nothing else.

Now, I’m not against having good teeth (despite being British.)

But my business relationship with my dentist isn’t just about my pearly whites.

In fact, I’d say that only 49% of the reason I go to this particular dentist is because he’s good at his job.

The other 51% is because I have a good personal relationship with him. He’s a nice, funny guy. I enjoy chatting with his hygienist and the front desk staff.

And guess what? When we’re chatting, we don’t chat about teeth. That would get boring.

Instead, we chat about Halloween costumes, litters of puppies, condominiums, cottages.

This is the thing: most businesses make the mistake of believing that their business is about dentistry, accountancy, insurance…or whatever.

But that’s only 49% of it.

The rest is a relationship business.

So if you have a good relationship with your clients (and you should) put that relationship into your newsletter.

Be personal, tell stories, be yourself.

You’ll strengthen your personal and business relationships by doing that. And you’ll make more money.