How to use the postal rate increase to your advantage

Postal rates in the US went up this week, hurting the budget of anyone who markets by mail.

Here’s one way to use the postal rate increase to your advantage and turn it into a marketing opportunity.

How about you send your best propects and clients stamps to the value of 2 cents, with a note saying something along the lines of “here are some stamps to help you with the transition to the higher postal rate”?

Doing this helps you in a couple of ways: you’ll have another reason to ‘touch’ your prospect and keep your business at the top of their minds; you’ll be actually helping them and they’ll remember that; and your card or letter (if you attach them in some way) will have staying power, as they won’t use the stamps right away.

I first blogged about this idea back in January, when stamps went up in Canada, after seeing a real estate agent using this technique.

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