How to Make Time to Send Out Your Newsletter

I know, sometimes doing the newsletter seems a bit of a chore.


Even I feel that – and I’m The Newsletter Guy!

Here’s how I make time. Maybe the same kind of thinking will work for you.

you familiar with Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”?
In that book, he talks about the four quadrants. I’ve pasted a graphic
of them here.

he says that most people work out of the “urgent” quadrants (quadrants
1 and 3) – doing stuff that needs to be done now, whether it is
important or not.

course, the urgent and important stuff needs to be done. Period. But
the goal is to work as much as you can in the Important and Not Urgent
quadrant (quadrant 2).

This is the quadrant that sets the foundation for all your future work.
Operating in that quadrant means that there will be less stuff in the
Urgent quadrants because you have prepared everything in advance.

newsletter falls within quadrant 2 because it is important for your
long-term success. By investing time now in that quadrant by doing your
newsletter, you are making your life easier in the future.

what give me the motivation to write this newsletter, because I know
that every time I send it out, I get communication from members – as
well as attracting new members to the program.

So I make time for my quadrant 2 activities when I plan my week.