Disastrous Hurricane Dorian Inspired 7 Year Old’s Good Deed

Hurricane Dorian made news when it slammed into the island of the Bahamas leaving devastation in its wake before moving onto the United States. There are 5 hurricanes and 13 storms predicted for the 2019 season, as per CNN’s Hurricane Fast fact’s article.

As images of the destruction hit the newspapers and airwaves, one little boy decided to take matters into his own hands by using his birthday money to help evacuees.

Jermaine Bell used the money slotted for a trip to Disney World to buy hot dogs, chips, and water to hand out to evacuees along a road in Allendale, South Carolina. Bell told CNN affiliate WJBF that he wanted those “… traveling to other places, […] to have some food to eat so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they’re gonna stay at.” According to CNN he gave 100 hot dogs out on Labor Day and had planned on giving out a whole lot more.

Bell, like many others, sat and prayed with families who left their homes, displaced and unsure of when and what they would find when they returned.

Not everyone can be as hands-on as Jermaine, but there are ways that you can help those who live in the eye of hurricanes and tropical storms through local and international charities.

80% of disaster relief donations tend to happen within the first few days of a disaster, but then quickly die down as the disaster victims are no longer shown on the news. 

It’s so sad that we have to say it, but just be sure you are giving to a reputable cause and not to those that are out to scam even in times of disaster.

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