3 Video Editing Apps You Need to Know

What if we told you that video editing could be as easy as pumpkin pie? Well, now it can!

We had the awesome opportunity to attend the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) Conference in San Francisco that took place at the beginning of November 2019. What an event! There were over 150 educational sessions offered. We walked away feeling inspired, motivated, and armed with so much knowledge and insights to carry forward to our all of our clients, not just our real estate newsletter clients.

Social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, were emphasized along with how to market yourself using video. We got insider knowledge about tools that help create, edit, and post videos and we just have to share those delicious little nuggets with you so you can be a video marketing superstar as well!

1. UNFOLD: A way to produce beautiful, well thought out curated Instagram stories. With an arsenal of over 150+ designs you can snap using your smartphone camera from within the app and edit with 10 filters and effects at your fingertips.  Plus, you can design with fonts and templates to create professional posts that can be used across all social media platforms. Unfold is free from the Google Play.

2. INSHOT: Don’t shy away from creating videos because you feel you don’t have the right editing tools to make a perfect video that you would be proud to post. The InShot app allows you to trim, cut, or delete the middle part, merge or split clips, and adjust speed all from your phone. You can add filters, music, and stickers for a polished video that can be shared across all platforms. InShot is free from the Google Play.

3. QUIK: A way to remove some of the manual labor or video editing. Although you can still edit manually with this app, it is designed to speed up this whole process for you. It can automatically search your video to find great moments, trim, clip, and add transitions for a quicker, done-for-you video. This app will help you produce quick video so you can focus on other things with your time. Quik is free from the Google Play.

Happy videoing!