Your newsletter – and magical brushstrokes

I was lucky enough to visit the Art Institute of Chicago the other day.

It’s the best art gallery in the world.

What I loved was getting within six inches of so many famous paintings.

So close that I could see the brushstrokes. It was like being there with the artist – seeing him work.


Enough about Monet and Manet.

But really…

There’s a point to be made here.

What YOU do every day is create art.

The work you do for your clients has lots of brushstrokes – lots of moving parts, many things you have to get right – and yet all the client sees is the final painting.

They have no idea how much skill goes into doing what you do!

So here’s a thought:

How about you show your brushstrokes?

How about you reveal some of the work that goes into the magic?

After all, you make it seem so easy.

When really…. it’s not.

So use your newsletter to reveal the expertise you bring to the table.

The ready-made ones we make include articles that show you’re an expert who deserves to be respected.

Because when your clients realize that…

… then the whole game changes.