Your mouse, your sculpture

The computer mouse – a work of art beneath your fingers!

You probably never thought of it like that before.

It’s just a mouse.

But I was watching a video by Logitech yesterday that explained how they designed a mouse.

And the prototype – it was made out of wood.

Like a beautiful oak sculpture.

Isn’t it interesting when the curtain is drawn back? When you discover how something is made?

… and how something so ordinary – so every day – has its own history?

That’s a technique you can employ in your own marketing.

There’s so much that goes into delivering the service you offer.

The education, the years of experience, the details…

So here’s a thought – why not share some of that with your leads and clients?

Because when you do, they will look at you afresh.

Not as a commodity but as someone with a rich heritage.

Not as a plastic mouse but as a wooden sculpture.

The newsletters we make will help you do that. The specialist articles are a little deeper than those of our competitors. They help you share the richness of your experience.

You can send the newsletters as they are – or you can edit them a little to put something of yourself in there too.

This is the kind of connection I want you to make with your leads and clients.

Because when you do, business flows.