When your newsletter costs nothing

I heard from another of our clients the other day, and what he told me is a great example of how newsletters work.

Now – this guy is in the insurance industry. But what I have to say applies to real estate too.

He said that he needs two sales per month to pay for the cost of sending the newsletter.

And then… those clients stay on average for nine years.

…. Meaning that all that extra income is gravy.

And, in his words, the newsletter is free.

Some takeaways for you:

First, he is tracking the results of his newsletter. Without tracking, you don’t know if it’s working or not.

He knows the economics of his newsletter – how much it costs and how many sales he needs to make. (In real estate, you don’t need to get several listings a month because the commission on each transaction is so much higher.)

He has a handle on the lifetime value of his clients – he knows that they stay for nine years and how much he earns from them over time. (In real estate, clients don’t come back so often, but when they do, once again, the commission is much higher.)

He keeps sending his newsletter every month.

Now… if this guy can do it, why not you?

Whether you use my newsletter or you write one yourself…

… just start sending one and see what happens over the long term.