You just gotta ask

We’ve just finished the radiothon at the community radio station I volunteer at.

I was on air for about four hours. Exhausting… but we raised over $29,000. Well worth the effort.

The whole thing was one big “ask” – we need your money, and this is why it’s important.

It was no place for a wallflower who is afraid to ask for a donation.

It made me think of marketing (as many things do).

Here’s the thing:

Too many business owners go out there facing backwards – too scared to ask for business.

When you’re marketing your business using newsletters, you can’t be afraid to tell people what to do next.

You can’t be afraid to promote the (great) things you have to offer.

As long as your newsletter is providing value, with content that interests your potential clients, and as long as you provide value yourself, then don’t be afraid to ask for business.

Provide value. Show that you know your stuff. Then ask for the business.

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