So you think they’ll remember you?

Yesterday morning I couldn’t find my keys.

Same thing happened a few days earlier.

And the previous week.

…And don’t even start with my cellphone.

Yes, people can be very forgetful.

A potential new client reminded me of this fact yesterday. He told me how people would forget that they had hired him in the past. Or they would remember, but had no idea of his name and ended up hunting and pecking on Google.

Sometimes they would go to a competitor… but think that competitor was actually him!

So… let’s not pretend that people are going to remember you.

After all, you’re really not that big a feature in their minds. Sorry.

So if there is one simple reason to send a newsletter, it’s to remind people that you exist.

Here I am, just in case you need me.

And if you send them something useful, they will – over time – file you away as being the right person for that job.

So when they need you, they’ll call.

If there was ever a no-brainer argument for using newsletters, this is it.

Here’s where you can get your own newsletter to send to your clients.

Just think, if just one extra person remembers you after receiving your newsletter, you’ve paid for your subscription many times over.