Why this tough new law is a good thing

Up in Canada, a tough new anti-spam law goes into place next Tuesday.

While that doesn’t directly affect you (unless you email to Canadian clients), there are some interesting things that can be learned.

And I am also going to give you the opportunity to confirm that you want to hear from us.

The law in Canada is tougher than the one in the United States because it requires explicit permission from people before you send bulk emails to them (which includes newsletters).

Here’s the thing, however:

We think that the law is correct (at least in this regard).

It is always better to email only people who have agreed to receive information from you.

Think about it this way: it’s better to be a welcome guest than an unwelcome pest.

People will be warm towards you if they have agreed to hear from you.

And if they haven’t – well, you are already set up for a tough relationship.

So be up front with people. Give them a great incentive to agree to hear from you and tell them that you will be contacting them by email in the future.

That’s a much nicer, more open way of doing business.

And, in the long run, it will make you more money.

Here’s where you can get print and email format newsletters that you can send to your clients. Just make sure you have permission to send emails first! We can help you set up a system that collects email addresses in an ethical and legal way.