Why prospects are like a vaguely warm morning shower

My hot water heater is broken.

So it’s vaguely warm (if that) showers for me right now.

Not so pleasant.

There’s a point to me telling you this… because your prospects are a little like my morning water – they’re only vaguely warm when they first come into contact with you.

… And it’s up to you to heat them up.

Here’s the thing that many people don’t realize: prospects aren’t always ready to do business with you right away.

They’ve got to know you, like you and trust you first.

And that takes time.

And evidence.

Your newsletter helps you solve both those problems.

You can afford to give them time, because you know that they will still be aware of you over the weeks and months ahead.

And you can give them evidence that you are someone to trust because of the valuable information you’ve been providing in your newsletter.

Plus – if you do it right – they can start to like you too. That’s why I encourage our clients to add a little personality to their newsletters.

After all…

It’s never too late to start warming up your prospects.