A lesson from teabags shaped like pyramids

Here’s a story that could happen only in England.

A fight has broken out about the shape of teabags.

One manufacturer makes them round in shape, the other like a pyramid.

The pyramid guys claimed in ads that the pyramid shape brews better tea.

The round guys complained, and so the dispute went into arbitration.

(The pyramid guys won, if you care.)

Here’s the point of all this: tea is pretty much a commodity.

So there’s no reason for anyone to buy one brand over another…

…Unless one brand makes itself special.

Like having a teabag in the shape of a pyramid for extra flavor.

So here’s my question for you: can you do the same thing for your “brand”?

Is there something about you that is special?

Can you promote that special something?

If you can, it will make a real difference.

People will have a reason to choose you over someone else.

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