Who’s stealing your acorns?

The other day I watched a TV show about woodland creatures.

One of the stars of the show was the humble chipmunk.

Now…you know that chipmunks have a thing for acorns.

Crazy about them, they are.

Cheeks stuffed like carry-on baggage on a plane.

The whole nut fetish isn’t because the chipmunk is greedy; it’s because having enough nuts is a necessity. To get through a long winter hibernation, the chipmunk must wake every week or so and sleepily reach for a nut or two. It’s the only way to survive.

So in the fall, the chipmunk puts in overtime to gather as many nuts as it can, cramming them so far into its cheeks that it looks like a bad case of mumps, the final nut sticking halfway out of its mouth.

And away it goes back to its burrow where over the weeks it hoards a stash of nuts to rival any Whole Foods Store.

A pyramid of acorns.

But as you know, nature is cruel. The poor chipmunk faces an army of threats.

Its chief enemy, however, is…other chipmunks. You see, those nasty brothers and sisters will go and STEAL another chipmunk’s nuts for themselves.

So if the chipmunk is not careful, it will trudge home after a long day at work and find that most of its nuts are gone. Over the other side of the forest is a happy chipmunk snoozing on a heap of ill-gotten gains.

Why am I telling you this woodland tale?

Because…your customers are nuts.

Not that kind of nut (well, maybe some are), but your customers are your store of energy and nourishment.

It’s your customers that get your business through the year.

That’s why you can’t afford to lose them to a sneaky competitor!

Every day in business is like Chipmunk World. You go gathering customers, but then you must guard them against a competitor who will steal them away.

Neglect them and you’ve as good as lost them.

That’s where a newsletter helps.

Keeping in touch with your customers is like keeping an eye on your acorns.

Feeding your customers with useful information and showing them that you are still there for them makes it less likely they will get stolen away from you.

Tending to your source of business really is an imperative.

Our newsletters help you do that by providing information that people actually WANT to read and that draws them closer to you.

Before your nuts get stolen!