Cold cards, boiling shoppers

‘Tis that time of year.

I was at the mall yesterday. Frenzied shoppers were lining up outside some of the stores because there was no room inside.

Meanwhile in my mailbox was a greetings card from a real estate agent.

It was beautiful. Thick cardstock, nicely printed.


It was a waste of this agent’s time and money.

Now, I’m totally fine with wishing people greetings of the season, especially if you know them.

But this card was this agent’s sole marketing communication for the entire year.

… I don’t know him.

… He’s never sent anything before.

It was a “cold card” mailed to everyone in the neighborhood.


He would have been better off skipping the holidays and spending his money on a more productive mailing.

For example, a newsletter about the neighborhood.

Something that would make him stand out.

Instead, all I got was a greetings card from someone I didn’t know.

That’s not going to make me hire him, however nice the picture on the front.

So please, spend your money wisely.

Keep in touch with something valuable.

With that in mind…

Here’s a newsletter that you can use ready-made, or customize as much as you wish.

January’s issue is available right now.