When your pipeline dries up…

Life is great when business is doing well. Yes, you’re busy, but the money is coming in.

All is right with the world.

Until, of course, it isn’t.

When business slows, sunny days turn to rain. It’s a relief that you have time to breathe, but you’re not making money either.

Many business owners suffer from what I call “too busy to market, too poor to market” syndrome.

Basically, when things are going great, they are busy servicing their clients. The money is coming in and they are happy.

However, because they are busy servicing their clients, they believe they don’t have time to do any marketing.

The result is, their pipeline dries up….

…and a few months down the road, business dries up too.

It’s then that they remember that they need to market themselves.

Except…because there’s no money, they think they can’t afford it.

And so the negative cycle continues.

When you’re busy, you’re too busy to market. When you’re not busy, you’re too poor to market.

It’s pretty easy to fix this, however.

When you’re busy and making money, consider hiring some help to do the low-value tasks so that you can spend some time on marketing. Or hire someone to do the marketing for you.

When you do that, you’ll find that your pipeline will stay full and you’ll never face a period of famine.

When you’re not busy, invest as much as you can to market yourself, even though you feel poor, because without marketing you’ll have a hard time bringing business back in again.

At the end of the day, marketing yourself is the most productive thing you can do to build your business.

It’s the last thing you could neglect when you’re busy.

If you don’t have time, find time.

Or hire someone who will do it for you.