When your passion is infectious

I took a trip to British Columbia in June – my first time out there. Mountains, the ocean, whale-watching, giant trees, rainforest, eagles…

Here’s the thing, though. The highlight of my trip was a barbeque restaurant in the village of Ucluelet called Hank’s.

Now, wood-smoked meat – you can’t go wrong with that.

But what I loved about Hank’s was the passion the owners put behind it.

The place was ordinary to look at from the outside. And, to be honest, pretty ordinary inside.

But all the love went into the food and beer.

The menu wasn’t just your usual barbecue fare. It was original and well thought out. It changes regularly. That’s why they just had chalkboards…no laminated menus here.

The beer choices were made with care. Indeed, one of the owners travelled around the Pacific Northwest to find the perfect craft beer combinations – including a strange (but perfect with barbecue) sour beer from Portland, OR.

I love to visit businesses like this. So I went twice – purely in the interests of research, of course.

And my conclusion is that if you build a business with passion – with true love for what you do – and you communicate that passion through your product and your marketing, then success comes that much more easily.

Your customers gravitate towards your passion, which makes the act of marketing more like a downhill roll than an uphill push.

You can use your newsletter to communicate that passion.

Share with your readers why you do what you do.

They’ll find your enthusiasm infectious, which will lead to more business.

The newsletters we make for our clients are ready-to-use, but you can edit them as much as you wish to share your passion for what you do.