Candy bar marketing

Sitting in the newspaper office (I consult there and, hey, it’s a change of scene), sometimes I have to chuckle.

…Especially at what the ad sales guy goes through.

Here’s something that happened yesterday.

A store advertises, and so it gets busy. Lots of customers. Yay!

So the owners say: well, we’re so busy now that we don’t need to advertise.

So they stop.

You can imagine what happens next.

Business dries up and they come back and advertise again.

Just like a candy bar spikes your insulin, this feast and famine way of looking at your business isn’t healthy.

Better would be to develop a consistent marketing machine that generates a consistent flow of clients.

Newsletters can help with that, because you send them out monthly (ideally). That regular schedule means that you are right in front of them at the time that your client is ready to buy (or buy again). You’re no longer relying on boom-and-bust advertising plans.

Just keep marketing, day in and day out.

That’s how you build a long-term business.