Short term plans for long-term businesses

So, this law student in Quebec has come up with this idea to “fix” marriage.

Instead of a life-long contract, marriage would last four years and after that would dissolve, unless the partners acted to renew the contract.

He says this would cut down on divorce.


In my humble (but accurate) opinion, this is a horrible idea and, at risk of sounding like my late grandfather, demonstrates what’s wrong with the world today.

You see, people have stopped thinking long term.

Back in England in the 1700s, landowners planted magnificent landscapes of oak, beech and yew trees – knowing that their vision would not be mature until long after they are dead.

Today we buy a container plant with an instant-on show of flowers…and throw it away before Thanksgiving.

Same with business.

People think of the next sale.

And then they forget about that customer while they go after the next sale.

They’re thinking from day to day, sale to sale instead of building a long-term business.

It’s all so short-sighted.

A marriage with an end date never gets the chance to blossom until a life full of joy.

A garden with a shelf-life has to start afresh each year.

And a business without long-term relationships is always in its start-up phase.

So here’s my plea to you today:

Think of your business over the long term.

Think how you can serve your clients over their lifetimes.

If you do, I promise that you will be more fulfilled – and have a more profitable enterprise.

Your newsletter is the best way to build these long-term relationships.

That’s why we want to make it easy for you by providing one that is ready-made but 100% editable.

Then you really have no excuse to start thinking long term.