Starting Monday with a smile

Monday can be a difficult day. You’ve had either a) a relaxing weekend or b) a crazy-busy weekend with showings and open houses – and now it’s back to work proper.

It’s hard to find the motivation you need.

But let me share with you a way to feel better about getting to work today – and at the same time a way to make your newsletter really great.

Here’s what it’s all about.

Simon Sinek is a guy who became famous on YouTube because of a talk he did at TED about finding your “Why”.

What is your Why? It’s the reason you do something. The reason you get up each morning and go to work.

His main point was – people buy Why you do something, not What you do.

So… if you can spare five minutes this morning, think about Why you do what you do.

Is it because you just adore property?

Is it because you love helping people find their dream home?

Is it because you relieve people’s stress about real estate transactions?

It is because you love helping people finance their dream home?

Whatever it is… think about it and savor that thought.

Use it to carry you through the week.

And use it in your newsletter too.

Your Why is the motivation you need you send out your newsletter – because people’s lives are better after they work with you.

Isn’t that an amazing reason to start Monday with a smile?

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